Training Scenarios

The YOWOMO2.0 description of competences has been used both as a starting and a reference point for various training scenarios to explore its applicability. The application scope covers one day hands-on trainings for professionals, international exchange- and training activities, as well as the systematic curriculum reform of a study programme at a University. Some of the scenarios just reached the status of a concept, others were run as a pilot and some of them are going to be implemented further in the near future.

The trainings scenarios showed that the YOWOMO2.0 framework includes competences that can be acquired, that are relevant for the profession, and that challenge the vocational education and training in youth work.

In the following you get a teaser of each scenario. For more details such as background, needs adressed, targets groups, structure, methods,  and assessment please click on the the picture of the  report or the “more” at the end of each teaser.

Transforming “point chasers” into competence seekers!

Social Work students doing informal self-directed learning YOWOMO2.0 projects

This training scenario is a learning project for fourth year-students of social work. During a period of nine month there was a workload of 200 hours, splitting up into 35h on online and offline meetings, 80h on preparation at home (desk research, reading), 60h on practical training, and 35h on reporting. The students chose by themselves a competence out of the YOWOMO2.0 framework to work on. Each of the 10 students chose an individual learning goal which became more and more relevant and detailed while applying it into professional practice with supervisors, colleagues and clients. (more)

SwedenYouth work in Social media for beginners

A short introduction in how to use Social media in Youth work for youth workers in youth clubs, in Sweden

We offered a short training program for two half days with some days in between. The participants also had a task to do, in between these meetings. We created a blog where they could find a lot more on information on how to work in social media. Learning outcomes were assessed by evaluation and self-assessment in the end. Another time we will also do a quiz in the beginning and in the end. (more)

MoreSOCIAL WORK 2.0: Integration of online work into social work studies

Integration of the competence framework of online work into Social Work Bachelor Studies, the implementation of the digital competence in the curriculum of Social Work Bachelor Studies

This training scenario is part of a curriculum reform at the Social Work Bachelor Studies at Thomas More University College. (more)

SpainAcquisition of digital competences for youth work in the smartphones and networks era

Monitors promotion and development unit self -training achiving competences learning YOWOMO2.0

The training scenario is learning project for Instructor of Professional Training Program for Employment: Workshop School, Crafts- Home, Workshop Employment Promotion and Developement Units working in our province. They work during seven weeks, since 27th April to 13 of June 2015. The participants, after doing the competences-quiz, read the document of the competences and choose one competence. Each instructors self- training research in this competence, doing a file and applying in his/her own work. At the end they do an assessment of it. Learning outcomes: to obtain or increase digital competences regarding to the work with young people in the era of smartphones and social media. (more)

Ucak‘Trainers training’ for youthworking

This training scenario is a training project. Our idea is ‘trainers training’ to work with vocational high school students, newly graduates and jobless graduates of vocational high schools. First of all we will organise a 4 week training course for trainers who are volunteer at vocational schools. During 4 week there will be two days (5 hours) course every week totally it will be 40 hours. For this; we will translate the YOWOMO 2.0 competence framework into Turkish. And one of our local partner Uşak University lecturers give courses via our other local partner Uşak Public Education Center. (more)

TonusoTraining media literacy an social media

Build training scenarios for young people in the organisation of your internship

This product is a training product for students in their internship of social work. The students have to plan and develop a short training in Media literacy. Students of social work had to build training scenario’s for their goal public (young people or parents) while working in their internship. They have to make short attractive 30minutes training for their goal public. The students also set up a collaboration with other students to work on the same project using social media to collaborate with each other and the staff from the organisation. (more)

Training of youth workers on social media and smartphones

There are 3 youth centres in Konya. They serve a wide variety of young people including high school and university students, depending on their location in the city. For example, two of them are located very close to Selçuk University. Therefore, the youth centres in the city employ different type of staff depending on the needs of the young people they serve.

On the other hand, there are not specific departments at the universities in Turkey for particularly training youth staff. This fact shows the probability of the necessity to develop curriculum for different topics related to the youth work.

The participants of the training are the youth workers who work in youth centres in Konya city. The length of the training will be 5 days and 8 hours per day. (more)


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