YOWOMO2.0-Train is gaining momentum – focus on schools and youth care

The second transnational meeting of the YOWOMO2.0-Train Partnership for innovation in Vocational Education and Training for Youth Workers enabled the partnership to take a big step forward. Based on more than 60 stakeholder interviews and focus groups conducted by the partners in the seven participating European countries, it was decided that the trainings to be developed should focus on the areas of school and youth care. Therefore, six modules addressing the following topics will be developed:

  1. youth in the age of smartphones and social me
  2. communication and relationship building,
  3. risks and dysfunctional behavior,
  4. methods and guidelines,
  5. ethical issues and
  6. legal frameworks.

These modules will be shared by all partners and adapted to their context. In a later step, more specialized modules will be developed to explore more specific challenges in the areas of schools and youth care. These modules will also be more tailored to the specific contexts of the partners. In the next three months, the partners will now build sub-groups for the development of curricula, didactic guidelines, course plans, and course material for the six modules named above.

In addition to fleshing out the trainings to be developed, the interviews and focus groups also showed that the appraisals of the partnership – in particular, that there is a high demand for the YOWOMO2.0-competences in youth work – were confirmed. Throughout the talks with the stakeholders, a strong interest and a high willingness to collaborate could be found.


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