A competence framework for youth work in the age of smartphones and social media (2013-2015)

Youth Work Mobile 2.0 (YOWOMO2.0) is a European Partnership  that developed a framework for Vocational and Educational Training (VET) of youth workers facing the growing significance of smartphones and social media in the life of their clients.

The partnership of youth work organisations, vocational and educational training organisations and research and development organisations share the same problem awareness: There is a lack of broader approach for Vocational Education and Training (VET) that is based on the experience of youth workers who, on the one hand, are experienced professionals in youth work but on the other hand may not be digitally literate, especially in the current use of digital media and mobile devices. Based on a transectorial multi-perspective approach taken by the collaboration of organisations out of 5 countries, the partnership will reflect a wide range of cultural, social and economic circumstances to develop a substantial framework of VET for youth workers. The framework will include:

The framework will be circulated using personal contacts, established PR-tools of the partners, social media, public online conferences, and local contacts of the partners impacting more than 30 youth organisations Europe-wide.