Quiz, Death and the Naked Life in Münster/Germany

End of January 2015 the fifth meeting of the YOWOMO2.0 partnership took place in Münster/Germany. The first day the participants focused on the YOWOMO2.0 Competence Quiz concluding that – although further improvem2015-01-29 10.15.27ent may be beneficial – the quiz already can serve as a formative intake self-assessment. Furthermore it can be used for monitoring of competency acquisition.

The second day shed light on the several training scenarios that the partners are working on. A broad range of approaches was shared and discussed. The different approaches will be continued by the partners. The finalising evaluation and dissemination will be prepared for the meeting in May in Cordoba/Spain. As the intensive exchange of information nearly led to a Death by Power Point Syndrome 😉 the participant recreated by visiting the art exhibition The Naked Life.

The last day of the meeting the partners discussed ideas for spin-off projects of the YOWOMO2.0 partnership as the YOWOMO2.0 partnership will end this summer.

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