Final YOWOMO2.0 meeting in Cordoba/Spain: “Partnership did a great job!”

Beautiful weather, an abundance of culture and history, finest meals, and participants that meanwhile became friends … not the best conditions for a work intensive final meeting 😉 However, in the end we were successful in squaring the circle. On the one hand we managed to finish the final tasks of the partnership. On the other hand we had the possibility to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere in Cordoba with its famous Mosque-Cathedral surrounded by an historical quarter where the air is filled with the smell of traditional Spanish cuisine and the sound of flamenco.

What was on the agenda and had to be done?

  • The training scenarios which were developed by the partners were shared and showed that the YOWOMO2.0 competence framework is useful, relevant, and challenging.
  • The evaluation of the quiz developed by the YOWOMO2.0 partnership was discussed. It showed that the users that took the quiz say that the quiz is understandable and that it induces ideas for learning objectives. Overall they are quite satisfied with the quiz.
  • Ideas for spin-offs were exchanged as it would be a pity if this well established and productive partnership would not go on.

In the end all partners shared the feeling that the partnership did a good job. Two years before some strangers started to work on a strange idea. Now – two intense years later – friends clap each other’s shoulders looking at the work they have accomplished. We smile at each other and hope the world is small enough to meet again.

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