YOWOMO2.0-based in-house training at LWL Jugendheim Tecklenburg/Germany

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-09 um 19.17.39On 29th of October 2015 a YOWOMO2.0-based in-house training started at the LWL Jugenheim Tecklenburg/Germany. The LWL Jugendheim Tecklenburg is an institution for educational support in sponsorship of the Westphalia-Lippe Regional Association. LWL Jugendheim Tecklenburg offers decentralized group homes, mother and child facilities, day-patient groups and parenting support for children, adolescents, young adults and their families. As a partner of the youth services LWL Jugendheim Tecklenburg uses its expertise, its professional and personal commitment to the protection and promotion of children and youth, for the preservation of families and the elimination of disadvantages.

LWL Jugendheim Tecklenburg already participated as a silent partner in the YOWOMO2.0 partnership. The in-house training will include 13 professionals representing the broad range of services of LWL JH Tecklenburg. It will be led by Lutz Siemer and Udo J. Siefen, who apply their experience gained in the YOWOMO2.0 development – especially the insights from the training scenario “Turning Point chasers into Competence seekers” which was put into practice involving both HeurekaNet – Freies Institut für BIldung, Forschung und Innovation e.V. and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The training will include modules for individual professional development, development of professional products, small project group work, workshops, and a final presentation. Building on the idea of “form follows function” the training will make use of tools such as WhatsApp, shared Googledocs, Facebook, Skype, and Hangouts. Using these tools will enable first-hand experience of current information and communication technology.

Astrid Benduhn, deputy director fj LWL Jugendheim Tecklenburg and initiator of the workgroup “new media”: “Talking seems to be somehow old-fashioned among children and young people. We should not shut ourselves off from new ways of communication – even if we have to cope with technical challenges on the one hand and if we have to discuss a broad range of ideas and attitudes on the other hand. I’m looking forward to the qualified collaboration with the colleagues from HeurekaNet, which already has been beneficial earlier.”

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