YOWOMO2.0 at the Social Networking in Cyberspace (SNIC) conference 2015

Lutz Siemer (affiliated with both HeurekaNet – Free Institute of Education, Research and Innovation and Saxion Universtiy of Applied Sciences) presented YOWOMO2.0 at  the Social Networking in Cyberspace (SNIC) conference 2015.  The conference, which was organized by the Cyberpsychology Research groups at the University of Wolverhampton (CRUW), took place in Wolverhampton, UK, on September 3-4, 2015.

Please feel free to check out the  presentation, the YOWOMO2.0 conference abstract, and the photos, which also offer a glimpse at the YOWOMO2.0 related  topics covered by the conference.


Abstract for the oral presentation at Social Networking in Cyberspace conference (SNIC 2015)

Title: Youth Work Mobile 2.0 (YOWOMO2.0) – A competence framework for youth work in the age of smartphones and social media

Abstract: The digital world increasingly forms young people’s natural habitat. Both the training of youth workers and their professional practice are challenged by the growing importance of smartphones and social media in young people’s lives. The knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for professional youth work in this age are described in the YOWOMO2.0 competence framework. This framework has been developed together by a European Leonardo da Vinci Partnership of youth work organisations, vocational and educational training organisations, and research and development organisations. This presentation gives insight into the competences, demonstrates how these competences are used – giving practical examples – , and makes recommendations for further implementation. Qualitative and quantitative data collected for the evaluation of the pilot-trainings show that the competence framework and the educational tools – for instance a competence quiz for self-assessment – are both usable and useful. Our experience of piloting theses competences suggests that implementing these widely in youth work education and training will ultimately benefit young people.


  • Lutz Siemer, Diplom-Psychologe
  • Marcus Flachmeyer, Diplom-Pädagoge
  • Udo J. Siefen, Diplom Sozialarbeiter/Sozialpädagoge (FH), M.A. Educational Media, Design & Technology

All authors are affiliated with both HeurekaNet – Freies Institut für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation e.V., Windthorststr. 32, 48143 Münster/Germany; and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, M.H. Troomplaan 28, 7513 AB Enschede/The Netherlands


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