YOWOMO2.0 at “Social work(er) of the future” symposium

From 6th to 9th of October the WMO 3-DAAGSE – a symposium discussing the current transition from welfare to participation state in the Netherlands – took place in Enschede/The Netherlands. Saxion Universitiy of Applied Sciences hosted one of the symposium events applying the Saxion vision of Living Technology to the main symposium Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-09 um 15.00.43theme “Social Work(er) of the future”. As technological development – for instance the growing significance of smartphones and social media – becomes a challenge for social work(ers) this was a great opportunity to discuss the results of the YOWOMO2.0 partnership.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Somaya Ben Allouch, chair of the research group Technology, Health & Care at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, introduced the relevance of technology in social work from on the one hand a scientific point of view, but also on the other hand showing a range of best practice examples like amongst others YOWOMO2.0. Already mentioned in the keynote YOWOMO2.0 was then presented and discussed in a workshop led by Lutz Siemer, Marcus Flachmeyer and Udo Siefen.

The YOWOMO2.0 workshop was followed by “Digitalisering in Social Work”, a workshop with Niek Zuidhof, offering hands-on experience and discussion of the opportunities and threats in the use of wearables such as Google Glass. Both workshops stimulated lively discussions and inspiration for future use of technology in social work.


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