YOWOMO2.0 at “Social Work(er) of the future” conference in the Netherlands

The dissemination of the YOWOMO2.0 results is still going on. In addition to presentations in Belgium, Hungary, and UK the competence framework for youth work in the age of smartphones and social will also be presented in the Netherlands. During the “WMO3-daagse” – a three-day event that focuses on participation, aiming at results, self-reliance, and empowerment in social work – YOWOMO2.0 will be presented by our German and Dutch partners in the track “Technology” of the “Social Work(er) of the future” day. The “WMO3-daagse” will take place in Enschede/The Netherlands from Wednesday 7th October to Friday 9th.

YOWOMO2.0 will be presented by Lutz Siemer, Marcus Flachmeyer and Udo Siefen who are affiliated with both HeurekaNet – Freies Institut für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation e.V., Germany, and Saxion Universtiy of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.

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