To-Do … next actions

  1. Jo will review and improve the mindmap and list of competences
  2. Lutz writes assignements for the 4 groups to give details on the following steps (done by video)
  3. Groups write description of competences based on the topics we developed
    1. review the existing list, compare it to exisiting list
    2. present the list to sounding board
    3. expand topic list to sentenses
  4. Groups add details in form of body of knowledge, skills and attitude
  5. Group review of descriptions with each other and sounding boards (each partner should have three organisation as sounding boards and for dissemination)
  6. Online collaboration will be prepared by Lutz: Google, dropbox, twitter, wordpress,? …
  7. Preparation of next meeting (Véronique, Jo & Lutz)
  8. Research will be done in Germany, Spain, Belgium. Monitoring by Group 4
  9. Pictures and Logos… to dropbox! Please send them to Lutz will add them to dropbox.
  10. Wo wants to be a second wordpress editor?
  11. Marcus sends confirmations to Veronique for copying

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