The CARER+ Digital Competence Framework for Care workers and Caregivers

Carer+I asked the colleagues from Carer+ to get a copy of their “Digital Competence Framework for Care workers  and Caregivers” so that we can orient on it. Please check it out. The framework of Carer+ is based on the project Digital Competence: Identification and European-wide validation of its key components for all levels of learners (DIGCOMP). To apply these results to our work I think it is wise to keep in mind that we are not only talking about “digital” but about “mobile” and “social”. So our approach is focussing on youth work competences needed to work with digital stuff in general and mobile and social stuff in particular.

Our meeting in Brussels should at least end with something similar to what you can find on page 35-41 (3-dimensional display). Really great would be if we could also have included skills, knowlegde and attitude.

The CARER+ Digital Competence Framework for Care workers  and Caregivers

For your information here the email I received:

Dear Lutz,

Thank you for your interest in the Digital Competence Framework. Please, find attached a copy of the full document, we hope it’s methodology and the Framework itself will help you in your ambitious and interesting work. We would be pleased to get feedback on how you made use of our results. Feel free to get in touch with any further questions:

Kind regards,


Eva Suba (Mrs)Communication and NetworkingEDEN – European Distance and E-Learning Network Secretariat

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