Target group, problem description … and who needs our work?

What is our target group?

Youth workers that …

  • are professionals
  • focus on working with young people, who have access to social media and smartphones (8 to 30 years)
  • are networking with teachers, families, organisations … (systemic approach)
  • are on different qualification levels (European Qualifications Framework level 4-6) (also in VET)
  • are meeting young people in their habitat
  • are building relation on trust
  • are looking at problems young people have (not the ones they make)
  • are looking at young people’s wellbeing (not their well behaviour)
  • have the following problems …

 Which problems?

Youth workers …

  • don’t know the mobile devices/social media used by young people.
  • are not interested enough in this technology to improve by themself.
  • are not able to relate with young people about mobile devices/social media (awareness that culture and language is different)
  • don’t understand the importance of mobile devices and social media for identity and relation building
  • are not able to use mobile devices/social media for interaction with young people
  • are not skilled to manage mobile devices and social media (i.e. security setting)

 For whom is it neccessary?

  •  Managements of organisations
  • Curriculum designers
  • Policy makers
  • the learner (youth worker)
  • Researchers ( collection)

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