Names, Emails & Twitter

Twitter hashtag #yowomo2

You may also want to follow Katie Bacon on Twitter: @Online_Youth, @digital_engagement

Name Email Twitter
Lutz Siemer, @LutzSiemer@mSocialWork
Marcus Flachmeyer @heurekanet_LLP
Yannik Gottwald
Beate Görres
Kristina Lindemann
Véronique Garcia-Alonso

Anne Coenen
Laura Schoofs
Jan Dekelver
Jo Van Hecke @jovanhecke
Hakan  Yörük
Hüseyin Altin
Ali Igüs
Jenny Lath
Tomas Olausson
Rebecca Ericcson
Mustafa YILMAZ.
Hüseyin SERCE
Muhammet SERVI
Zindra Andersson
Jens Eriksson @jens_kc
Diana Pettersson Svenneke
Inma Diaz
Inma Serrano

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