Minutes of the meeting in Brussels

  • Looking back at the plan of the partnership – We are (nearly) on track. Workgroups are working parallel. That’s OK.
  • Sounding boards – The idea of sounding boards is discussed. The partnes will report at the meeting on Konya.
  • What to do until April?
    • Lutz, Veronique & Diana work on competences with Marcus, Zindra, Mevlut – they also read indicators from the other workgroup
    • Thomas, Jo, Inma S, Beate, Jan , Hussein work on indicators – they also read the description of competences
  • What to do in April with the online session? Jan presents online measurement tool
  • What to do after April? Not discussed
  • Meetings next year
  • How many people are coming to Konya?
    • Sweden 5
    • Spain 2
    • Germany 3-4
    • Belgium 3+3
    • Usak 4
  • Agenda for Konya:
    • How prepares? Lutz & Mevlut
    • Mevlut will send online survey, remember
    • Student present research outcomes,
    • Feedback from sounding boards
  • Following projects: use the application form to add you interests and ideas until Friday 7th march
  • Certificates of Mobility are shared

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