• Wednesday, 2nd October –  Friday, 4th October 2013


  • Bischof-Hermann-Stiftung
  • Jugendwohnen im Kettelerhaus
  • Schillerstraße 46
  • 48155 Münster
  • Germany
  • Tel.: +49 251/606301
  • Fax: +49 251/6063122
  • eMail:

If you are looking for a hotel nearby … we made a reservation of a contingent of single rooms in the inner city of Münster. Please use this sheet for booking. The Keyword is “YOWOMO2.0”.



Wednesday, 2nd October

  • 13.30 Welcome & Coffee
  • 14.00 Round of introduction – Getting to know each other

15 minutes per partner to present the organization, the local partners, the link to the topic, the motivation and the expectations

  • 15.45 Adjusting the agenda
  • 16.00 Coffee
  • 16.15 Kick-off

Presentation of an example situation in Germany showing characteristic samples of best practices, use-cases and problems – Discussion “youth care in the age of smart-phones and social media”

  • 17.15 Discussing and adjusting aims, objectives and methodology of the partnership
  • 18.30 Relaxed stroll around Münster’s charming Old City (“Korn & Pumpernickel” included)
  • 20.00 Dinner “Westphalia Style”

Thursday, 3rd October

  • 09.00 Workshop/Open Space I: Description of the competences (body of knowledge, skills and attitude)

Here is a selection of sources to stimulate discussion

Friday, 4th October

  • 09.00 Status Quo: Looking for local professional contacts that can act as a soundingboard for the partnership
  • 09.30 Discussing and defining the methods for monitoring
  • 10.30 Evaluation of the established communication and online collaboration between the partners
  • 11.00 Questions&Answers concerning the execution of the partnership (e.g. reports for the national agencies, economic reports)
  • 11.30 Partner agreement including an actualised scheduling of the internal communication, the evaluation design and rules of exploitation”
  • 12.30 Farewell

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