Competence Quiz

This is the YOWOMO2.0 Competence Quiz. It will guide you through different topics related to youth work in the age of social media and mobile devices asking you to estimate if your competent for certain tasks. The idea of the quiz is that you get a quick impression of your competence level by facing certain tasks. At the end of the quiz you will get a competence score. However, this is not an objective measurement but morwordlee like a formative self-assessment. Therefor the ideas about your own professional development that evolve during the quiz are more beneficial than your score.

This quiz is based on the work of the YOWOMO2.0 Partnership. However a major part of the phrases used in this quiz is derived from the “The Social Media Resource Kit “ by Sun Sun Lim and Kakit Cheong, published by the Central Youth Guidance Office of the Ministry of Social and Family Services in Singapore. Dr Sun Sun Lim is Associate Professor at the Department of Communications and New Media at the National University of Singapore and provided consultancy support in the development of this quiz.

The quiz is divided into three parts which can be entered independently of one another. Just click on the part you want to start with.

Please assist us in improving the quiz by answering a few simple evaluation questions which will take you 2-3 minutes. Thank you!


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