Preparatory meeting for a YOWOMO2.0 follow-up partnership

IMG_1274On 21st and 22nd of January 2016 representatives of the YOWOMO2.0-partnership met in Münster/Germany to prepare a YOWOMO2.0 follow-up project. Overall goal of the new project – working title YOWOMO2.0-train – is to sustainably implement the YOWOMO2.0 competence framework in education and training of youth work professionals. Therefore, the YOWOMO2.0 framework will be applied to three lines of education and training: 1. Higher education – this can for example be done by integrating the YOWOMO2.0 competence in social work study programmes; 2. Vocational education and training – here the education and training of for example youth work assistants can be addressed; and Continuing education and training – this could be achieved for example by developing and offering in-IMG_1279house trainings for youth work professionals after entry into working life.

YOWOMO2.0-train is expected to be run as a strategic partnership within the European Erasmus+ programme. The meeting showed fruitful discussions, put the ideas into concrete terms and ended with agreements on how to further prepare the application for the project.


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