Ethical issues of professionals facing the online world

A study by Irish scientist from Trinity College Dublin examines the ethical issues experienced by new professionals in their contact (direct and indirect) with the online world. Based on focus group  interviews done with new teachers and social workers the study backs up YOWOMO2.0’s approach concluding “that difficulties, at individual and profession-wide levels, will arise if a skill set or knowledge base remains underdeveloped wths20.v032.i01-02.coverwhich will equip professionals to navigate their way through the complexities of online communication and its overlap with their ethical obligations. Ideally, this knowledge development will commence during the initial professional education process.” (Gloria Kirwan & Conor Mc Guckin (2014) Digital Natives or Digitally Naïve? E-professionalism and Ethical Dilemmas Among Newly Graduated Teachers and Social Workers in Ireland, Journal of Technology in Human Services, 32:1-2, 119-132, DOI: 10.1080/15228835.2013.858096t)

Here the abstract of the article, that can be found here:

In a study which examined how newly qualified teachers and social workers conceptualize and incorporate asynchronous technologies in their professional and private spheres, variation in active participation on social media among the participants reflected a spectrum of opinions regarding the implications of online interaction for new professionals. The extent to which online interaction can overlap with ethical expectations attaching to professional roles is an emerging topic in the research literature. This study focused on the activities and experiences of newly qualified professionals. In this article, ethical issues are examined in three categories, namely formation, maintenance, and ending of online relationships.

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